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Multi Way curve hygienic nieuw

Multi-Way Curve Conveyor (hygienic design)

Delivery truck Average delivery time: 3-4 working weeks

The Multi-Way Curve Conveyor (hygienic design) is a stainless steel curve with a design focus on food safety. This conveyor is most suitable when there is a need for:

  • Compact curve
  • Conveying food products
  • Keeping product orrientation & alignment
  • Conveying products at a high speed
  • Ideal for cooling/freezing

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Multi-Way Curve Conveyor (hygienic design)

Compact curve

Multi-Way Curve Conveyor (standard) is a very compact curve with 3 possible inner radius options: 942, 767 and 600 mm. Since the inner radius is fixed, it is not influenced by the conveyor width, meaning even the widest curves move through the most compact radius. No in- and outlet sections result in a small footprint making the curve suitable for use within a limited space.

Conveying food products

This conveyor is specially designed for easy (wet) cleaning has limited horizontal surfaces, an open "finger safe" belt and all used material come with a food safety declaration. ideal for conveying baked products like fish, chicken, pizza, bread but also product carriers like boxes, crates, etc.

Keeping product orrientation & alignment

Multi-Way curves are ideal to use in area's where it is important to maintain product aligment and product orrientation. Because of the conical designed links there is NO collapsing of the belt at the inner radius. Therefore no movenment or turning of products as is the case with so called "flex-belts" running straight and in curves with the same belt.

Our Conveying products at a high speed

Our Multi-Way Curve Conveyors can run at speeds up to 80 m/min and are considered to be the fastest running Modular Belt curves available.

Ideal for cooling/freezing

The open Multi-Way belt has a very large open surface and is ideal for cooling/freezing of products. However through many smal openings "finger safety" is guaranteed. This belt can be used in environments up to -40 degrees Celcius.

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Multi-Way Curve with High Side Guidance
Multi-Way Curve with Center drive


Our Multi-Way Curve Conveyor (hygenic design) is constructed out of the following materials:

- Frame and supports made of stainless steel

- Drive and idle shaft made of stainless steel

- Modular belt made of plastic (POM)

- Motor (SEW) positioned on drive shaft on outer radius (on inner Radius or under the curve is an option)

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Multi-Way Curve belt

Standard belt widths available (other belt widths upon request)

    Inner radius 600 mm

    • 495
    • 595
    • 820
    • 1170
    • 1470
    • 1725
    • 2000
    • 570
    • 670
    • 870
    • 1345
    • 1600
    • 1800

    Inner radius 767 mm

    • 325
    • 425
    • 650
    • 1000
    • 1300
    • 400
    • 500
    • 700
    • 1175

    Inner radius 942 mm

    • 225
    • 525
    • 1000
    • 325
    • 825

    Drawings of other curve dimensions are available upon request


    These are some of the frequent questions we get from our clients.

    In what kind of materials are the conveyors available?

    The frame of the conveyor is available in stainless steel 304, on request stainless steel 316 and in steel powder coated in colour as requested by client.

    Is it possible to make the conveyors bespoke?

    Yes, the curved and straight conveyors are available in almost all measurements, the delivery will only vary a couple of working days from the standard conveyors.

    What are the delivery times for the conveyors?

    The delivery times for the conveyors are approximately four working weeks, urgent delivery is possible with consultation.

    How long do I have to wait for a quotation?

    We strive to send you a quotation in one working day.

    What is the max weight the conveyors can handle?

    Our conveyors systems are fit for the heavy duty industries, for every situation we could make a calculation for you. We have delivered conveyors who carry a weight of 1000kg plus on them.

    Are the conveyor systems easy to maintain?

    Yes, our conveyor systems don’t require any special tools to maintain which makes it very easy to maintain.

    Are the conveyor systems safe?

    Yes, all our conveying systems meet the European requirements for safety.

    Can you deliver including assembly?

    Yes, on request we can deliver with assembly included, Jansen Metal Products has very experienced mechanics.

    Can you deliver including the control system?

    Yes, on request we can deliver our conveyor systems with a control system.

    How can we clean the conveyor systems?

    This is easily done with a brush or compressed air cleaning.

    Is it possible to wet clean?

    Yes, our stainless steel conveyors with hygienic design (foodsafe) can be cleaned with water.

    We are an original equipment manufacturer and we are interested in using the Multi-Way program, are the any special conditions for manufacturers?

    Yes, this is always possible please contact us for more information.

    Can we as original equipment manufacturer order belts and sprockets for our own conveyor systems?

    Yes, this is possible we also deliver just belts and sprockets for manufacturers.

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