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Our conveying systems

With our plastic modular belts we build our own conveying systems. We have standardised straight & curved conveyors in to 3 different categories:

Standard = meaning: strong & simple conveyors, steel coated

Hygienic design = meaning: open conveyors, easy to clean, minimising horizontal surfaces, use of food grade materials, fully welded, stainless steel

Heavy duty = meaning: ultra-strong, welded steel tubes, steel coated

A complete range of standardised conveying systems is available and can be delivered at the fastest delivery times of 2-4 working weeks (depending on volumes and order intake) with possibilities for rush orders.

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Some of our conveying systems

For more information about the unique features and advantages of our various conveyors systems please click on the conveyor of your interest.

Conveying systems

Multi X straight standard min
Multi-X Straight conveyor (Standard)

The Multi-X Straight conveyor (standard) is a steel coated conveyor with a ...

Multi way curve heavy duty nieuw min
Multi-Way Curve Conveyor (heavy duty)

The Multi-Way Curve Conveyor (heavy duty) is a steel coated curve with a ve...

Multi-X straight Conveyor with iConvey logo
Multi-X Straight conveyor (hygienic design)

The Multi-X Straight conveyor (hygienic design) is a stainless steel convey...

Helix Toren standaard staal
Multi-Way Curve Helix conveyor (Standard Steel Design)

The Multi-Way Curve Helix conveyor (Standard Steel Design) is a steel coate...

Spiral Conveyor Stainless Steel Compressed
Multi-Way Curve Spiral conveyor (Standard Steel)

The Multi-Way Curve Spiral conveyor (Standard Steel) is a steel coated spir...

Multi way curve standard nieuw min
Multi-Way Curve Conveyor (standard)

The Multi-Way Curve Conveyor (standard) is a steel coated curve with a very...

Multi X straight heavy duty min
Multi-X Straight conveyor (heavy duty)

The Multi-X Straight conveyor (heavy duty) is a very strong steel coated co...

Multi Way curve hygienic nieuw
Multi-Way Curve Conveyor (hygienic design)

The Multi-Way Curve Conveyor (hygienic design) is a stainless steel curve w...

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