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Multi way flat top belt

Multi-Way Flat Top belt

Delivery truck Average delivery time: 2-4 working days

The Multi-Way Flat Top belt is the only closed belt in our delivery program. This belt is most suitable when there is a need for:

  • Smooth belt
  • Strong closed belt

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Multi-Way Flat Top belt

Smooth belt

The Multi-Way Flat Top belt is a smooth belt and ideal if products need to move form or turn on a conveyor belt whilst moving. Since the belt itself is very smooth easy movement of products is achieved and friction to the products bottom minimised.

Strong closed belt

This Multi-Way Flat Top belt is also a very strong belt equiped with steel or stainless steel pins. Suitable for carying heavy loads like crate, boxes, containers, barrels etc.

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Our Multi-Way Coarse Mesh belt Straight is constructed out of the strong food safe plastic: PA

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Multi-Way Flat Top belt

Standard belt widths available (other belt widths upon request)

  • 100
  • 225
  • 400
  • 500
  • 650
  • 825
  • 1175
  • 175
  • 325
  • 425
  • 525
  • 700
  • 1000
  • 1300

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These are some of the frequent questions we get from our clients.

How long do I have to wait for a quotation?

We strive to send you a quotation in one working day.

What are the delivery times for the belts?

The delivery times for the belts are approximately between three and five working days, urgent delivery is possible with consultation.

What are the specifications you need to make a quotation?

To request a quotation we need the following information from you:

  • Type of belt: Multi-Way Coarse Mesh (MWCM), Multi X, Multi-Way Flat Top (MWFT), Multi-Way Flat Top Perforated (MWFT Perf.), Multi-Way Curve Belt (MWCU)
  • The belt width
  • The belt length
  • The speed what you request the conveyor to work at
  • Information about the product you wish to convey like the measurements, weight etcetera.

How long do the belts last?

This is depending on the situation, we have customers in the food industry who have been using the same belts for 10 years. But on the other hand we have belts in very abrasive environments were they “just” last a couple of years.

What is the minimum and maximum temperatures the belts can handle?

Our belts can be used in temperatures between -40°/120C°.

The strength and load capacity of the belts are heavily influenced by the temperature, for every application we can make a calculation for you.

Can we use the belts at high speeds?

Yes, our Multi-Way belts can be used at high speeds, we have delivered belts who are being used at 100 meters a minute.

What kind of materials are the belts made of?

The belts are made of POM and PA, on request we can send you the certifications.

We are a original equipment manufacturer and we are interested in using the Multi-Way program, are the any special conditions for manufacturers?

Yes, this is always possible please contact us for more information.

Can we as original equipment manufacturer order belts and sprockets for our own conveyor systems?

Yes, this is possible we also deliver just belts and sprockets for manufacturers.

Is it possible to provide the belts with gripping modules?

For the MWCM and MX belt we have inserts as gripping modules and for the MWCU and the MWFT we can provide special insert, for example plastic blocks or stainless steel shafts.

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